When you’re a musician you know that your journey will be an adventure, creatively and humanly, but what you don’t really guess is that some contacts can turn into real business.

It’s exactly what happened to us, Jens Fredrik Ryland, Asgeir Mickelson and myself, from musical acquaintances we suddenly have become venture associates. Actually it makes totally sense, what’s better than creativity, love for travels and different cultures to embrace an international entrepreneur life?

Today, we are very happy to announce that after several months of administration, our Norwegian import company SWISSNESS NORGE AS is finally officially registered. We should be ready to launch our e-shop in Norway in the up-coming weeks.

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I won’t lie, this exciting adventure has been quite challenging, taking considerable more time than initially planned. But when every new step brings new problems, solutions also bring more and better perspectives. I can feel this adventure will become much more than imagined and I am extremely excited about it.

We are currently running logistics tests and we’ll select our first Swiss goods very soon. More will come, often and steadily. We are absolutely sure that Norwegians and expats living in Norway will love to easily find Swiss products. Our cultures are so close and in the meantime our products so different, it will be amazing to finally open that door and let the exchange begin.

You can count on us to bring the best Swiss quality directly to you.

I would like to thank all the people who gave insights and great support during this long preparation, stay aware, you will hear and see more about us very soon.

Hope to see you soon on our new Facebook and LinkedIn pages, thank you for your support.

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