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In this article you can find the answers for 4 common questions that you can have about the Swiss cheese fondue preservation.

The right way to store Swiss cheese and fondue

The requirements for storing different food items varies and in the case of cheese, the best place to store it is in the refrigerator. Keeping it in a cool temperature will ensure that metabolic activity is slowed down and microorganisms contained within do not multiply.

Storing Swiss cheese and fondue in the freezer keeps it edible for longer and prevents it from getting spoilt as fast as it would when kept just under room temperature.

What is the best way to store cheese fondue?

There is usually a recommended duration of time for using cheese fondue, check on the bag for the best before date and refrigerate it properly.

A fondue bag can stay at ambient temperature for one week but the cheese will mature faster, if you want to preserve the full taste and a perfect cheese texture, I recommend you to refrigerate.

Store your fondue in the fridge

With the right freezing temperature, (-18 degree Celsius), its expiry date could be extended to as much as 6 months.

Where should I keep it?

Cheese shouldn’t be kept elsewhere asides the fridge. Ensure that the temperature of where it is kept is not higher than 5 degree Celsius. Since the refrigerator has different temperature zones, it makes it easier to place each food item in the ideal temperature condition and the ideal temperature for cheese is between 5-10 degrees Celsius. This means the central part of the fridge should be the best storage position for your cheese.

Can I freeze the cheese fondue?

You can freeze your cheese fondue if you wish. However, you should know that freezing it has the tendency to cause slight changes in taste. If the fondue bag has not been opened you can have it freezes to extend its expiry date by 6 months.

On the other hand, If it has been melted or cooked already, it can still be frozen but this time around you should not leave it unused for as much as 6 months. Ensure you use within a shorter span (within 2 months).

To freeze your cheese fondue, allow it to get cold and hard then, go ahead and remove it from the caquelon. Slice into smaller sizes and have them sealed in a plastic bag. Ensure that the bag is airtight. You shouldn’t be in a rush while at it.

When you are ready to use the frozen fondue, you can place the bag in a hot water so that the bag can be easily separated from the cheese and then drop the cheese while still frozen into the caquelon. Stir it as it starts melting.

What can I do with leftover fondue?

The pleasure of cooking at home

The good thing is that for fondue, you don’ have to throw the leftovers away. You can always reuse them the following day, store in your refrigerator or simply use them for something else.

Get creative with it. By the way, it tastes fantastic when used with pasta!

Pasta with cheese fondue

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