Adventures of a Swiss entrepreneur in Norway

It’s quite hard to start with “Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m here to talk about my country and my experiences”, I don’t feel very comfortable talking about myself, so Swiss right?  But this project is bigger than my timidity, so welcome in Swissness blog and let me share with you this exciting adventure!

To resume, I’m a multi-task woman : single mom, worker, entrepreneur, musician, cheese-lover amongst many things and this blog is mostly about Swissness lifestyle and my adventure as a Swiss entrepreneur in Scandinavia.

Here you will find posts about Switzerland, our Swiss culture and about our fantastic mission as a Norwegian company bringing out the best of Switzerland to Norway.

Make yourself at home, feel free to join the forum and share your own experiences or questions. I am looking forward to meeting you in the Swissness community.


Lausanne, Switzerland - Oslo, Norway

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